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Korea Legend:Goblin

This goblin legend tells of a monk who was sentenced to death and after being declared dead, his corpse is now a goblin, consider his story. Once upon a time there was a monk, he had a mission to seek wealth and also more power than he loved his own God.

Daily monks always hear the recognition of the people who acknowledge the mistakes and actions that have been done, and then the monk began to blackmail those who have confessed his actions to immediately provide gold and silver to keep the secret they have done so far.
But not long afterwards the monk was reported by an elderly lady, that all this time the monk always blackmailed them. Feeling deeply threatened, the monk is now planning an intention to get rid of the old woman who has reported her. After he killed the poor old lady, it was not long before the evil monk was arrested and imprisoned, then sentenced to hang for his deeds.

After he was hanged and declared dead, his body now began to change in the eyes of those who saw his death. The monk's face now began to look scary and pulled out a small fang that appeared from both sides of his nose, then white hair began to grow long and oily, and two pointed canine teeth emerged from both slits of his mouth.

The monk has now turned his figure into a goblin, when he opens his eyes, looks yellow and shines even in the light of day, then he jumps towards the people who see him. Then people started screaming in fear and running away. No one can dispel this goblin and eventually he disappears and hides in the forest.

This goblin will only return at night, only to prey on those who have been responsible for his death. After killing and avenging him. Since then, many people say that the goblin legend is real and true, it is said that the forest in Scandinavia, British Isles, is home to where the goblin now.

Korean Legend:Story of Arang

In the 1600s, during the reign of King Myeongjong (Joseon Dynasty), in Miryang, Gyeongsang, there was a judge named Yun who was sent from the capital. Judge Yun has a beautiful 19-year-old girl named Arang. Not only beautiful, but he is also very clever and talented, kind hearted too, then that many young men come to propose to him, though always rejected. A servant in his house named Jugi, interested in Charcoal and always teasing him, but always ignored by Charcoal. But instead just replied with a smile. When asked why, Arang replied that he should be nice and polite in front of anyone, including his father's subordinates. Jugi is interested in Charcoal since he first saw Arang coming to deliver his father's lunch. One day, Jugi pulls Charcoal hand, he wants to talk about something. But refused with charcoal by Charcoal, after all he had to bring his father's lunch as soon as possible. Irresponsible, he and Baekga eventually conspired to bring down his Charcoal and his father, and Baekga also hated Judge Yun, because it meant that the corruption of officials would be followed up, so he was ambitious to seize his father's authority, and Even making an appointment with corrupt officials, he will relieve them of legal action. Jugi then bribes the caretaker Charcoal to bring Charcoal streets to the bamboo forest. That's where Jugi tried to declare his love for Charcoal once more, but still rejected smoothly by Charcoal. Because of anger, Jugi desperate to seduce him and laugh: "Wahahahaha! You are tarnished now, so there is no choice for you to marry anyone but me !!". Hearing this Charcoal irritated and kicked him down as a resistance, though he was still tied with rope. Upset at the resistance of Arang, Jugi kills Charcoal and buries his corpse in the bamboo forest as well. Immediately word got out to the whole town that Charcoal was gone. Judge Yun became very sad and returned to Hanyang without Charcoal.

After Judge Yun came down, several other judges took turns at Miryang because every night after taking office, one by one died mysteriously. A brave and curious young man Yi sought to run for the next judge. On the first night after being appointed a judge, the young man was approached by a long-blooded woman covered in blood who was none other than the ghost of Charcoal. Arang initially hesitated to speak, but after being persuaded, he then admitted that his nurse was bribed by Jugi to take him to the bamboo forest. Judge Yi then asks Arang to leave for a while. He then asked this to the caretaker of Charcoal, but he insisted he did not know it. Judge Yi then invited him out of his room. Just for a moment, there was a hysterical scream. After Judge Yi checked to the location, he found out that the caretaker of Charcoal committed suicide, and he also found the handwritten handwritten letter confessing his mistake and he himself did not expect Jugi to kill Charcoal. When Charcoon came back and received the letter, she burst into tears as she said she did not blame her nanny, she already thought of her as her own mother, but she was just disappointed that her nurse had been bribed by Jugi. After telling his story to the boy, the ghost of Charcoal said that tomorrow he would be a white butterfly to show who killed him and begged Judge Yi to help him investigate the case. Judge Yi agreed. The next morning, the new judge summoned all the servants. A white butterfly flew and landed on the hat of one of the servants, Jugi, and then another servant, Baekga. The judge then interrogated them. At first they denied, but eventually confessed that they were the conspirators and Jugilah who had killed Charcoal and buried his corpse in a bamboo grove near the Yeongnam Pavilion. After being dug, it turns out the corpse remains intact, possibly because the spirit is still curious. After Jugi and Baekga were punished, the ghost of Charcoon never appeared again. Until now, in Miryang still held anniversary every 16th of the 4th month of lunar calendar to commemorate Charcoal. A temple named Arang-gak built for him. Konon, if there are people who hurt to come to the temple and pray, then the Arang will come to the perpetrator until the culprit apologize and supposedly Arang will maintain the love of couples who visit the temple simultaneously

Dheda And Five Potatoes

Once upon a time, in a hamlet there was a wood-burner named Dheda. He lives with his wife and three children. They are very poor. For everyday meals they often lack.It has been a week of continuous rainfall. Dheda can not go to the forest to look for firewood.
They survive with existing food supplies. Of course, their supplies grew less and less, until one day Dheda's wife said, "Dad, we have no more food. The remaining food is five potatoes. It is not enough to eat the five of us, "he said.
"I know" Dheda said.
"But how else? The rain does not stop. I can not look for wood into the forest. Be patient, hopefully tomorrow it's not raining and I can work! Let our last supply to eat only children, "said Dheda.
By late afternoon, someone knocked on Dheda's door. Apparently, an old beggar who was soaked in rain. Dheda immediately told her to come inside.
"Thank you, sir," said the old beggar.
"I've been in rain for days. My stomach is hungry. If I may, I want to ask for food to prop the stomach, "he pleaded.
Dheda paused. He was sorry for the old beggar. But, they have no more food supplies. "Too bad I have no leftovers. We were in short supply, "Dheda said.
"Oh, have mercy on me, sir. I have not eaten these three days, "said the beggar.
Dheda felt very pity. He went to his wife and said, "Mom, I pity to see the beggar. Why do not we just give us our last food supply. "
"Okay, sir. I'll cook his potatoes soon, "his wife said.

Finally, Dheda's wife boiled the five-pointed potatoes and served them to the old beggar. The beggar ate all four potatoes and left a single potato.

Then the beggar excused himself: "Thank you, sir."
"It's the same, Kek. Be careful on the road, eh, "Dheda said.
"Oh yeah, I left a potato on a plate. If you later want to eat, sliced ​​the potato into five slices! It will be enough for all five of you. Well, goodbye, "said the old beggar.
After the old beggar left, Dheda looked at one remaining potato on the plate and thought, "Mary maybe this one potato can be enough for the five of us?"
But out of curiosity, he invites his family to gather and then sliced ​​the potato into five slices. Wonderful! Apparently, the five potato slices were turned into five potatoes. When a potato is sliced ​​into five more slices, it will turn into five more potatoes. And so on.Since then, Dheda and her family have never been short of food again. In fact, their food supply is now abundant. Dheda passed them out to their needy neighbors.

Moral Value:From the legend of Dheda and Five Potatoes is a child who always does good. Have mercy on a man in distress. And remember, anyone who cultivates kindness will definitely get a good grace too.

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Motivation Story:Small Fish And Water

One day a father and his son were sitting chatting by the river. The father said to his son, "Look at my son, water is so important in this life, without water we will all die."
At the same time, a small fish heard the conversation from beneath the surface of the water, the little fish suddenly agitated and wondered if that water, which he said was so important in life. The little fish swam from upstream to downstream, asking every fish he met, "Do you know where the water is? I have heard human conversation that without water life will die. "

            It turned out that all the fish that had been asked did not know where the water was, the little fish was more confused, then he swam to the spring to meet the experienced elderly fish, to the elder fish that this little fish asked the same thing, "Does water? "The elderly fish replied wisely, "Never mind my son, the water has surrounded you, so you are not even aware of his presence. It is true, without water we will all die. "
What does the story mean to us. Humans sometimes experience the same situations as small fish, searching for life and happiness, while they are living it, even happiness is enclosing it so that it does not even realize it.

Recommended Hang Out Place in South Korea

1.Hongdae Area

Hongdae stands for Hongik Daehakgyo or Hongik University. Being in the area of students and students, Hongdae is filled with many young people and is one of the teenagers' places in Seoul. This area is known for its urban art. Starting from the art of caricatures, modern dance to break dance.
In the late afternoon, usually many young people gather to watch music performances from indie bands and underground musicians. Do not imagine the pop music that many famous boy band K-pop. The music brought by the 'street singers' is more down to earth and the average is played acoustically. There are solo performances from acoustic guitarists, indie bands, some bringing Bruno Mars's songs to Jason Mraz. Do not forget to donate money in the box or guitar that they have provided, because the performance of these musicians is not less quality with famous musicians.

2.Hello Kitty Cafe

This cute cafe is located in Hongdae. As the name suggests, this somewhat secluded cafe is designed with the all-around Hello Kitty theme. Front view, the building is enough to attract attention with soft pink color and red ribbon decoration. Go inside, the Hello Kitty trinkets seem to spoil the eyes of the fans of this Sanrio character. The room is pink, with sofas and comfortable chairs to relax. This two storey cafe offers coffee, tea and ice blended for drinks, and cakes and toast for food. Here you can also buy accessories and Hello Kitty themed trinkets.

3.Han River

The 494 kilometres river is a popular place to relax or exercise. Along the banks of the river has been built a number of areas commonly used Seoul residents to move. There is a large basketball court, special tracks for jogging, in-line skating or cycling, an area equipped with some fitness equipment as well as bicycle rental. Others use this place for picnics and fishing


There is no special place to hang out in this area, but almost along the highway you will find cute cafes with interesting interior design, close enough to each other. For coffee enthusiasts, it would not hurt if you visit one of the rows of cafes in Sinchon. The average cafe provides a variety of coffee drinks, teas, smoothies and snacks such as bread and cake.