Senin, 19 Juni 2017

A Motivation story : Anyone who is good at judgment will be Judged.

One day,There is a merchant who has Two horses. In those days there was not yet car. So, to transport the goods Merchandise use horsepower.
One day, this merchant was about to Selling in the neighboring village.Two kinds of merchandise are loaded into The backs of each horse.
The first horse gets burdened A pair of foam mattresses. He was very happy Because the ŕ mattress was very portable.The second horse was a bit unlucky. He must Carrying a sack of salt on His back.Seeing the incident, the first horse Hauling foam mattresses are getting excited.He even made fun of the second horse.Along the way he smiled smugly and Even laughing out loud Thinking of his friend's misfortune, the second horse.
To reach the destination,They have to cross a river. When it reaches the river They began to walk slowly-land crossing it. Because lulled Would be its only pleasure Carrying the foam mattress, the first horse Less attention to his pace So he stumbles and falls Hit the second horse.The horses fell down inside water. Unlucky fate turned to the first horse.
The name of the foam mattress if Hit the water will be heavier.First Horse run staggered due The burden becomes very heavy now.While the second horse smiled satisfied.The load is very portable now. When Splashed earlier, some salt dissolves In water until reduced
Half of it. He walked by Easy.

The meaning of the story is Be grateful to live the days of life  we alone. Do not Compare our life with life other people. What else laughs at him.
Anyone who is good at judgment will Judged.

Motivation story : Traitor can also be from the our nearest person

One day, A donkey and A fox Was walking together. Both intend will going to a place.
Yes, the fox and the donkey It's been bestfriends long enough. But at On the way, they meet with one Lion who is dashing. See there are two tails Tantalizing, the Lion is so excited.In the Lion's heart thought that he was not Need to bother looking for food. Not even himCan be full until the evening.
Of Course, donkeys and foxes, much less donkey . Her step stopped immediately, her body Shaking. He certainly did not want his life hovering,But what could that lion look starving.
The fox that had been silent for a while,Thinking hard how he escaped death.
"Aha! I have a brilliant idea!" Said the Fox in his heart .
He then approached the lion and whispered A sentence in his ear. Fox and Convince the lion that he can help Lions to catch donkeys as long as Sang The lion promised not to pounce upon the Fox. Then fox Approached the donkey convincingly Donkey that he can help to get away From the Lions' guard.
The donkey was very relieved."Are you really going to help me? What to I do to get away from that lion, my best friend?"asked the donkey".
"Come into the hole, believe me Lions will not pounce on us! "Replied the fox.
However, instead of being free of lions. After The donkey came into the hole, the fox precisely Ran for safety and the lion finally pounced on the poor donkey.

So, The story above teaches us that sometimes People we believe will do betrayal for his or her personal goals.Get rid of us foxes,These lions and donkeys give lessons on Us to work in a healthy way instead By betraying the trust given To us. Keeping trust is One of the most upstanding attitudes high!

Thank you for reading. Hopefully useful

Motivation story : A Sadness Clam

One day,a clamster at under the sea complained to his mother because a grain of sharp sand Entering her red, flabby body.
"My son", his mother said with tears,"God does not give us shellfish A hand so i can not Help you. It hurts, I know. But Accept it as the destiny of nature. Strengthen your heart,Do not be so lively again. Bring your spirits up against bitterness and bitterness.Wrap the sand with the sap of your stomach. Only that which you can do", his mother said wistfully But soft.
So the clamster did the advice
His mother. There is a result,The pain is abysmal.Sometimes in the middle of his pain, he doubting his mother's advice. With tears he last for years. But without realizing it  A pearl Began to form in the flesh. The longer the more subtle. The pain was diminishing.The longer the pearls get bigger. Pain Become natural. Finally after that Year, a great pearl, whole shiny, and Even expensive is perfectly formed.Now,as a result of years of suffering,More valuable than a thousand other clams which only people eat as boiled shell in side of the road.

So,The lesson of this story is the suffering will always be Is in our lives. It's like God always Take the happiness we have.
But really is not. We just have to be patient Against everything that befell us and Waiting for God's decree. And everything will be ended beautifully.Because everything is that Good will always lead on kind. Suffering has Make a common clam into an outer clam Ordinary. Suffering will be able Turning ordinary people into great people.

Thank you for reading this story..

Motivation story: A Mouse

A mouse peeked through the crack in the wall To observe the farmer and his wife, the moment Opened a bundle. There's a toy in his mind.
But he was very surprised, it turns out the bundle Contains a mouse trap. He Run back to the fields
Farming, the rat screamed warning,
"Beware there is a mouse trap in the house,There is a mouse trap in the house! "
The chicken calmly crowed and paused Still scratching the ground, raising his head and Said.
" Yes, I'm sorry sir Rat. I know
This is a big problem for you, but make it I personally have no problem. So do not Make me have a headache. "
The mouse turned and headed for the goat.He said,
"There's a mouse trap in the house,A mousetrap in the house! "
'Well I'm sorry about this news.' The goat Entertaining sympathetically. "But nothing Anything I can do except pray.Rest assured, you are always in my prayers! "
The mouse then turned toward the cow.
'Oh! A mousetrap? "So I'm inside
Great danger huh? "Said the cow while laughing,Drooling.
So the mouse returned home with a head Bowed and felt so heartbroken, upset and Sad, forced to face the mousetrap alone. He felt really alone.

Night came, and there was a voice echoing all over Home, like the sound of a triumphant mousetrap
Catching prey. The farmer's wife ran over to see what is trapped. In the darkness he is Can not see that the trapped one is
A poisonous snake. The snake had time to bite
Hands of the farmer's wife. Farmers hurry Take him to the hospital.
The wife returned home with a tiny body,fever. And it has become a habit, everyone Sick fever, the first drug is to provide soup
Warm fresh chicken. The farmers were sharpening Knives, and goes to the field, looking for chickens
For soup ingredients.
But, it could be really evil, the wife never went Healed. Many of the neighbors came to visit
And also spilled into his home. He must Preparing food, and having to goat in The cage was made into goulash. But that's not enough,
It can not be conquered. The wife died, and Begging people come to take care of the funeral,Also salvation. There is no other way, the cow in The cage was also used as a food for tens The people and participants of the salvation.
Comrade, if you hear someone is
Face a problem and you think that's the problem Have nothing to do with you, remember that If there is a "mousetrap" in the house,
All "farm fields" take part
The risk. More selfish attitude
Many ugliness than his kindness.

The lesson from the above story, "one day you Hear someone in trouble or Problem and you think it's none of your business,
Then think again "

Minggu, 18 Juni 2017

Some of the benefits being a kpopers

1.Learn Another language
In communicating with fellow kpopers from Other countries they use the language International even though our English is not so Good, but because more often communicate The kpopers are trying to learn the language English to be close to international kpopers.
Not only that, when we want to watch a movie or variety show idol we sometimes there is no subtitle indonesia and inevitably we have to use english subtitle, we will search dictionary if there is an english word that we do not know, automatic with this we can add insight We speak english.

2.Get lots of friends

Having the same interests is a plusTo be closer. For the kpopers because of them Have the same idol, always there are Discussed. Starting from the idol stage action
Until the new album. Not only friends of social media, the kpopers can be faster if familiar Meet fellow kpopers let alone in a Gathering k-pop. Well in this event is an opportunity For kpopers to get closer to Fellow kpopers. There are not just it,Usually if there is gathering k-pop there is also an event Charity from other communities. Well from here we too
Can add a network of friends.

3.Getting a chance Business

The Korean fever makes many young people Even the country's celebrities chose Korea As a fashion Well, the kpopers are Observant look at business opportunities, many kpopers who Opening a business online or offline selling K-pop stuff like the same clothes as idols, albums, posters, cases, and other merchandise that have pictures or elements of korea.

4.Easier Remember

They become more
Easy to remember.they remember foreign languages ​​and Language lyrics Korean.Actually somewhat Difficult to learnThe average person. They are also more Easy to memorize.


Being a kpoper too can Refreshing. Besides Because they can
listen to songs From various streams In time of bored,and too
Refresing to see the handsome guy xD

Rabu, 10 Mei 2017

Story about Two Donkey

One day,There are two donkey tied each other around their neck,they are hungry and tried to reach the food in front of them.they turn each other to get the food,but they couldn't reach it because the rope around their neck.

They  stopped and thinking of ways to get the food,.suddenly,they got idea and they went to get food in the same direction together.finally they can enjoy the food together.

Gam Cantoi Story

One day,a married couple were walking around the lake,they saw two long haired women and around them there was a famplet that written this area is the required area of hijab.they tried to warning the women,but when the two women turned around they were two longish and bearded men,they was shocked and ran.